Just What Is The I.T. Stereotype These Days!?

nerdYou’re happy to thought of as a geek, that’s pretty cool these days. What you don’t want is to be called a nerd – something which takes a bit of educating of family and friends sometimes (“my boyfriend is a total nerd” just doesn’t sit well…).

When you look around your office, what do you see though? Is it all pasty faced, greasy hair and bad skin. No, of course not. Is your Head Of I.T. a fat, bald guy with a beard and offensive body odour? Maybe, but I promise you that most really aren’t.

Thankfully these days most office based development and support teams are fairly normal people, at least outwardly anyway 😉

We even have girls now 🙂

I’m not sure when it changed or how far back in time you have to go for the all-male, stick thin nerd dominated departments who hate a GUI on principal. But a typical office now is full of good looking guys and gals who have social skills and pleasant hygiene. Heck, there’s even a few adonis alpha males there too. Just in case you’re not one of them and are wondering how to gain muscle for skinny guys, then don’t despair because the interweb can always help. If a problem cannot be solved online nowadays then surely it is not a problem worth solving. Personal hygiene or muscle building alike. You don’t even need much to transform from nerd to adonis – there are dumbbell only workouts that can get you started. So no excuses for being a 60’s nerd.


But that’s just not normal though, right?

OK, I think I digressed a little.

Needless to say, the times they have a changed. And long may they continue to do so. Because I’m far more happy working with someone I can have a normal conversation with. At a distance that could easily be beyond the personal hygiene issue boundary.