Not All I.T. People Have Pasty White Skin

pastywhiteskinIt is a bit of a stereotype – the pasty faced I.T. nerd – but just like with most stereotypes there is usuall a pinch (or even a bucket) of truth in there.

But there’s also plenty of women working in the technology field these days, so beauty and unhealthy looking pasty white skin is not a given any longer. Glamour and beauty has arrived in the tech world, particularly the younger and more exciting parts of the industry.

So why do techies tend to be pasty and unhealthy looking? (OK, they aren’t generally, but you know a few who are don’t you?). It’s the lack of sun of the skin, and fresh air, and healthy eating. I know we’ve been told for years now how we should all be avoiding the sun and covering our skin from head to toe in sun screen lotions – but the reality is we do actually need sunshine on our skins. It’s how our bodies make vitamin D – for which there are very serious ailments if you don’t get enough. It also helps with our psychological health – that ‘feel good factor’.

But on the other hand, some of us do prefer that paler skin complexion. And indeed there are skin whitening products (e.g. on the market to help lighten skin tone, as well as even out blemishes and uneven patches etc. It’s even commonly used for underarms. If using those products you do need to avoid getting too much sunlight, partly as your skin can be more sensitive to UV light, but also to prevent darkening of the skin again. More on that kind of thing from Jen Walker.

Not to say that permanently being bent over a keyboard hidden away in an office throughout all daylight hours is ever going to be a healthy choice. Just as with all things – balance is key. Get a little outside time every day, eat some healthy food at least one meal a day and get some exercise that raises your heart rate at least a couple of times a week. You’ll not only feel better for it, but your brain will function better as a result.